It’s not about you…



Keep Dreaming

The ones who scoff at your faith filled attempt at making your dreams come true, are the ones who wish they had the guts to give a crack at it too. Keep pressing, keep being faithful, keep GOD first, keep your integrity, keep your mind, keep your thirst. Its ok to be thirsty…and hungry…about the right things.

That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT)

~Bridgette Hicks~

Worth the Sacrifice

No matter those who told you that you weren’t good enough. Focus on GOD whom through HIS son JESUS let you know you were more than enough. A child of the MOST HIGH GOD you are. Son or Daughter of the KING! You are a prized possession…and I put that on Everything!
~Bridgette Hicks~

Delivery Refused

Yesterday is gone. Especially the foolery, bad habits and weaknesses. But guess what, these are the only tricks satan has up his sleeve. Beware of that enemy’s schemes, he’s hardcore. he will take what you’ve been delivered from, give it a makeover and deliver it right at your door. Don’t let it in, send it back from whence it came and tell the enemy NO MORE! I AM A VICTOR!
~Bridgette Hicks~

Thankfulness inspired

Thank YOU LORD for giving me the desire to seek to LIVE a more Abundant Life. Not because a New Year is almost here, but because you’ve shown me that I need not fear, everything I need is right here…with you. You taught me to open the prison doors of my mind, to stop being confined by the where’s, the who’s and the why’s. Sometimes I feel I’m learning a little late, but I know your wise ways and it’s right on time. Thank you for all the new things I’ve done and the new people I’ve met. It definitely taught me how to stretch…and expand my life plans. In each thing and person I always saw your best and any trials I’ve had are viewed as experience or a test. I pray I passed so there wont be a next. When I look at others and smiled or said I love you it was, and is real. I know any dissension was a spirit and not the person, I know the deal. They say trials make you stronger, I say JESUS is my strength. I used to say life is hard, now I say life is a trip…and I’m packed & ready to travel, passport in hand. Oh isn’t LIFE Grand!

Gute Nacht 2012! Guten Morgen 2013!

Ich Liebte Sie!
Sie waren ein Teil meiner Reise

~Bridgette Hicks~

© 2012 Bridgette Hicks