Show don’t tell

Child of GOD,
Sometimes we are eager to express our excitement concerning the promise of GOD for our lives. In our excitement we forget that everyone within earshot may not be our champion. True, no one can stop nor block what GOD has for you and the vision is yet for the appointed time….but…some are appointed to see the manifestation and not hear or be a part of the gestation.
~Bridgette Hicks~


No More

I began this day declaring ” I will no longer subject myself to caring about the opinions of others.

This is a time of uplifting and encouraging. This is the season of miraculous manifestation of dreams. So many of us are battling one thing or another that threaten to delay or try and block us from moving towards our miracle. Let not the opinion of others be that which blocks or delays yours.

My Miracle is near….if one can’t pray for me or touch and agree….stay out of my ear.

~Bridgette Hicks~

Something vs. Everything

Some people want something…me, I want Everything. And I have the gaul to believe I will have it. What kind of life would I live if I didn’t
At least try to give….LIFE to my dreams. GOD has put too much in me for me to be a waste. So even if at first i don’t succeed, I will try again and again with greater FAITH. This opportunity is afforded to me, each new day I awake. And LORD I THANK YOU!
~Bridgette Hicks~