Greatest Common Denominator

I don’t care what anybody says! JESUS is the Greatest Common Denominator!

No matter the differences in persons, personalities, ethnicities, etc. It’s good to know that so many know…HE’S WORTHY!…and we…are not.


❤Ich Liebe Dich Alle!❤

~Bridgette Hicks~


Mind of a Child

I Love children. I Love that you know why they Love you. Their Love is so genuine. I love sharing the value of Life, Education, Respect, Integrity, Love, Careers, GOD, etc with them. I love taking them on day trips to Museums, Movies, New Restaurants and different adventures. I love talking about their likes, their feelings and giving them the opportunity to express themselves. I love praying for and actually seeing them excel. They have Faith in their future and faith in you. They don’t believe there is anything they can’t do. I love this.

Oh the mind of a child. Protect and nurture this.

Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:4 AMP)

Talk that Talk

Guten Morgen Menschen Von GOTT!

Your vision, your destiny, your calling has little to do with those around you. You may invite them in by speaking of your visions, your goals, your dreams, things you are working on, working towards with them. And They may or may not understand but remember, that’s ok. They love you, care for you and want the best for you but cannot “see ” and are not supposed to see “your vision” with clarity. Don’t ever be discouraged by that. The whys and hows of your purpose and GODS plan are to be worked out between GOD and you. Even Sarah, Abrahams wife didn’t believe what GOD himself told her husband when she herself was directly involved. She verbally expressed her disbelief to her husband. Abraham himself strongly believed but made missteps and mistakes on the road from promise to manifestation ultimately still seeing what GOD said come to pass. The path is not perfect. And not everyone understands. But GOD.

BELIEVE without wavering, READ and SEEK understanding of GODS WORD and like the word says ” SPEAK” destiny and words of FAITH and LIFE not death and disbelief over yourself, your vision, your family, your friends and the like.

The more you talk that talk CHILD OF GOD, the more you Please GOD and will see yourself as well as others walk the walk. Doesn’t matter what it looks like, feels like, what your shortcomings are, whom doesn’t believe nor understand. Your destiny, your dreams, your prosperity, your protection, your provision, your health, your wealth is not tied up in any mans hands.

Its all in your MASTERS HANDS….and in Your Mouth!

THE FATHER IS interested in your Total Prosperity and your unwavering FAITH in HIM. Show you believe by SAYING “it is so” and watch that chain reaction your words set off in the spiritual realm manifest in the natural.

Talk that Talk!

Ich Liebe Dich Alle!

-Bridgette Hicks

Master of ME

I’ve learned that there are a lot of people to see, a lot of things to do and I can see and do them all. But the most important value that I’m learning is that I must invest some time in ME. I can do everything but not Master anything if I can’t Master ME! My MASTER is training me in this and HE will make sure I get where I need to be. I am open to HIS teachings.

What are you a master of? Who is your master? Whose teaching are you open to? Who or what have you submitted your mind/life to?

~Bridgette Hicks~

Want & need

Some wants, while we all have them, are tailor made distractions. Especially for purpose filled people. It’s said the devil also knows what you “want” and he will line it up just right to give you exactly what you “want” to keep you from what or where you need to be.
he’s crafty, BUT GOD.
~Bridgette Hicks~

Faith is….

Believer, Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things unseen. (Hebrews 11:1)
That faith is not to be had in yourself or any other human being, institution, etc. The miracle of your Faith can only be made manifest in and by GOD! Trust in GOD….have FAITH IN GOD and watch your unseen dreams manifest for your eyes and the eyes of those around you that need….to SEE. Please believe me…but most importantly, please believe in GOD! ❤
~Bridgette Hicks~

As You Travel

understand that your grand plan can’t include every man/woman. Getting to your place of Purpose requires that only purpose-filled people are equipped to travel. Now when you get to your destination you will send for those you love, but in the meantime pack light. Your destiny requires you travel with no unnecessary baggage.
~Bridgette Hicks~