Men…some of y’all get a bad rap. And even I could rap a taste about some not so good ones I’ve met in my day. But in this here blog I would like to say..”thanks”. Thank you to the helpers. The men who see your hands full and offer a hand. The ones who open and hold doors and help with man sized household chores. Thanks to the man that helped to open the oil cap on my car that some other strong man tightened. He could see it was far to hard for me to open it. Thanks to the other man who held the door when I went in the store and helped me find the oil. Thanks to my friends husband who changed my brake light. I tell you, Men, sometimes you get a bad rap and again I “could” spit a hot fire like 16 bars about how not good some of you are. But instead I’ll use my platform to uplift and thank GOD for the Good Ones knowing that one day HE will make me one of those Good Ones GIFT! 😉 ❤Uplift
~Bridgette Hicks~


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