Been on the hustle and bustle all week. Worked six days, gym four days, worshipped two days, explored three days, visited two days…soooo needless to say…after church…I cooked a few viddles and kicked up my feet. Yeehaw! Or better yet, Woosah!

Then back at it again next week.

An idle mind…an idle body…an idle spirit is…what makes the adversary a happy camper. he camps out in your mind with negative thoughts, camps out in your body with sickness & pain and camps out in your spirit seeking to steal your joy.

This is why it’s important to seek GOD for your purpose. Important to Believe in your dreams. Important for you to believe GOD to help fulfill your dreams. If your dream is to finish your degree, then you’re hitting the books and your mind is not idle but active. If your dream is to lose weight or get healthy them you’re hitting the gym and your body is not idle but active. If you’re focused on fulfilling GODS purpose for your life them you are filling your spirit by reading and listening to HIS Word. Your spirit is not idle, but actively being filled with the fullness of JOY.

Let your active mind, life and spirit be GODS workshop.

~Bridgette Hicks~


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