Guten Morgen Menschen von GOTT,

Its inspiring to wake up early in the morning with nothing but our thoughts and of course other very Important things like GODS Grace, Protection, Peace, Provision and that HE allowed us to see the new day. Not only just to “see” the new day, but to experience it with a sound mind, good health and family and friends who were also graced to see the sun.

There is something special about the morning. The morning is when our mind, when not clouded with yesterdays issues, is clear. The clear mind is a mind that allows fresh thoughts in. It can be a time of revelation, inspiration and the highest time of imagination.

For me specifically, this mornings fresh thoughts were about my own willingness to try new things. My thoughts went a little deeper as I went through my morning ritual of checking cyberspace to and making sure everyone including all my social network pages were doing ok.
In looking over my WordPress blog page from my laptop I got the revelation.

Most times when I write its on my tablet or even my phone, but rarely ever from a laptop or desktop. There is a huge difference in the condensed mobile version and the desktop or full version of most web pages. I realized that I had never seen my blog page in full form until today.

I write a lot and had been considering a blog for a while but didn’t know how or where to begin. My entry in to the world of online sharing came from the reluctant start of a Facebook™ page many years ago. It was started only to monitor my daughters online presence when she was much younger. After the reluctancy gave was to parental necessity my Facebook™ page became the first avenue where I began sharing my thoughts for the world, or at least my network of friends, to see. Shortly thereafter, I began to write devotionals. Not long after that, I began to my send my devotionals to my email contacts. I still desired to have a real blog page and never considered my Facebook™ page to be that, but it was a platform and it was a try. My page taught me a lot about how to speak to, or write to an audience of more than just one.

Ultimately I did some research and found a new platform in WordPress™, a blogging platform. I decided to give it a Try. In seeing my page today I realize how important it is, to have reached a goal. Its a milestone for me. Ive vowed to find ways to make the page itself more appealing by improving its design and my own presentation of my original thoughts. This is a stepping stone to greater.

Out of that simple, yet important thought came the revelation. The revelation for me is that I should continue to be diligent in trying so that I can become perfect in Perfecting. In my life I have tried many things. Some I believed to be fruitful, some I believed to be a waste of time and honestly, some I believed to be the end of the world. Yet I’m still living and I’m finding that Nothing is a waste of time. Every experience only serves to perfect you, if you learn the necessary lesson that it carries.

Last year I set out to open a business. Wait a second, allow me to clear my throat as if I were speaking in front of you, my audience, with clarity and confidence. I didn’t just set out to open the business. I formed the LLC, Established tax Id, rented the space, began purchasing furnishings for the space, began renovating the space, began soliciting vendors, began seeking employees, and actively did live research of the back offices of businesses like the one I was preparing to open. I was all in, literally. Then came the realization that the business plan, the very foundation, was faulty. As we all know, any structure without the proper foundation is cause to run because it will inevitably fall. Needless to say, I put on my running shoes.

This experience by all accounts to the average man or woman would be considered a failure.

Thank GOD that mans failure isn’t final. The experience taught me many valuable lessons. Therefore I rename the experience, My Turning Point. I rename it this because my life, mindset and desires have been changed forever for the better, as a result. The education it afforded me was invaluable. The internal truth that personal success is not as hard to accomplish as one once thought is priceless. The zeal to immediately try again is only trumped by the desire to have a firm foundation, a better plan and most importantly….GODS hand.

Never, Never, Ever despise the Try’s of your life. You will never die wondering wonder what would have happened. And understand that you’re never a failure, but always the next impending success story. If at first, if at second, if at third (you get the point). Try, Try Again.

Ich Liebe Dich Alle,

~Bridgette Hicks ©


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