Every Wise Decision makes sparks fly

Every wise financial decision you make starts a chain reaction of wiser financial decisions. Some say it takes 30 days to form a habit, I say it takes 1 act of defiance to habit in favor of wisdom to form a better life.
This was financially motivated, but unequivocally geared to an Overall Abundant life. You mustn’t believe you must change everything right now. In reality that thought is overwhelming and will inevitably yield underwhelming results. But just one simple, yet effective, lasting positive step of growth at a time…will change your life. ©2013 Bridgette Hicks



Three lessons from Brené Brown at Leadership Summit

Awesome and thought provoking!

Common Good Conservatism

One of the highlights of last week’s Global Leadership Summit was hearing Brené Brown speak. Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and a TED Talk sensation since her 2010 talk went viral (more than 8 million views). That talk is embedded at the bottom of the page. Her research has focused on the interplay between vulnerability and empathy, encouraging people to experience “whole-hearted” living.


Here are three lessons I learned from Brené Brown:

  1. When you judge yourself for requesting help, you invariably judge others when they ask.How many of you feel shame when you ask for help? Just yesterday I tried to figure out to run a report on a database at work. I had a call scheduled with my boss and part of our agenda was to create and discuss this report. I wanted to know how to do it…

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