Girlfriends please know this one thing

The one for you loves you exactly the way you are. They wouldn’t change one thing about you, except the most important thing…your last name. Please understand, you are one mans’ wife, not many men’s girlfriend. You dont have to give away everything to get something. You don’t have to prove you’re everything to someone who wants to be nothing to you. There is someone who wants to give you everything. Dont try and verify for someone that you are the one. The right man is prepared to go out of his way proving he’s the right one for you. You are a prize. Please recognize. Let patience have its perfect work. Be anxious over nothing your request has been made known.
In the meantime GOD continues to prepare you. not just for the one, but to be a better you. Let HIM make it do what it do. Nobody can do it better. HE knows the plans he has…for you.
©2013 Bridgette Hicks


A Wrong day

This has become a new day to where wrong is right and right is left. We consistently test the people who always pass and pass the people who always fail. We show all to anyone who will look. We tell all to anyone who will listen. We pray but don’t believe. We seek truth yet we deceive. We praise in public and curse at home. We curse in public but pray at home. Were fly but don’t tithe. We want men and women to play the spouse roll but don’t want them to have the spouse title. Our child has seen us curse but never seen us pray. We know GOD in trouble but not on our best day. We want a faithful spouse but are a cheating spouse. We wouldn’t want our child taking nude pics but the stranger we meet can send us one. We say we love GOD but truth be told we secretly despise HIM. Because even though HE gives so much and asks of us so little we go out of our way to deny HIM through our disobedience.

©2013 Bridgette Hicks
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Who Cares

Seeking approval, trying to prove yourself and changing to fit in. These are examples of things that hinder our own personal development. We spin our wheels trying to make believers out of people. The same people who don’t even believe in themselves, who don’t believe that GOD can and sometimes don’t even believe in GOD. Don’t keep wasting precious time waiting on them to believe in you. You make a Believer out of YOU, in YOU. ©2013 Bridgette Hicks