This has become a new day to where wrong is right and right is left. We consistently test the people who always pass and pass the people who always fail. We show all to anyone who will look. We tell all to anyone who will listen. We pray but don’t believe. We seek truth yet we deceive. We praise in public and curse at home. We curse in public but pray at home. Were fly but don’t tithe. We want men and women to play the spouse roll but don’t want them to have the spouse title. Our child has seen us curse but never seen us pray. We know GOD in trouble but not on our best day. We want a faithful spouse but are a cheating spouse. We wouldn’t want our child taking nude pics but the stranger we meet can send us one. We say we love GOD but truth be told we secretly despise HIM. Because even though HE gives so much and asks of us so little we go out of our way to deny HIM through our disobedience.

©2013 Bridgette Hicks
#love, #GOD, #opposite


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