How you Measure yourself

People find a sense of superiority in comparing themselves to others. Another person is not the standard by which you should measure yourself. GOD is the standard. GOD-like character is the standard. What you have, where you go, what you do…means nothing. How you live, how you give, how you treat others, your relationship with GOD….that’s the true measure of a man/woman.

Anything else is ego….self-aggrandizement….and a not so accurate assessment.


Worthy Woman

Worthy woman do not forget you have the power. Do not let the world tell you otherwise. Not the power of sexy hips, lips and thighs. But the power to command more out of your life. The power to be chosen, but be choosy. The power to command and demand respect or walk away. The power not to give it all away before GODs timing. The power to say what you want and have what you say. It’s made available to you this very day. Tap in to the Power source. HE is very resourceful.

©2013 Bridgette Hicks