A Better Friend, In Deed

LORD will I ever get it right? I know the answer to that is Yes. But will I ever stop getting it wrong?! I’m not short on humility and don’t mind giving an apology. I just want to get it right the first time so as to never have to apologize. I never want to be offensive and I hate being defensive but sometimes….I am. Forgive me father for I have done it again. Help me to be….a better friend.
©2014 Bridgette Hicks


That Perfect Place

I have two professors who are very unique. One has had a stroke seemingly real recent, and his vocal abilities are challenged. The other is just quirky, talks a lot and keeps you laughing but a tough cookie. They are both a little older and established. One would wonder, why do they even still teach? The obvious answer, by noting their perseverance and dedication to what they do, is that they LOVE it!

LORD, I pray that soon I am able to work at a place and or own the business that brings me that daily joy. That place where I belong. That perfect fit for me. That place where I press through any hardships to go to everyday and greet someone, teach someone, serve someone and show God’s love to someone.

I pray the same for you dear friends…

~©2014 BridgetteHicks~