Believe in Yourself

Single Woman,
Sometimes we can be Godly and Virtuous; but yet under confident. We can allow others opinions of us to dictate the way we act, feel, think or even look. When popular opinion has that much of a rule over us how can we realistically submit to GOD? Sounds like we’ve chosen to submit to man. GOD can not get the glory if man is in control of your mind.


Seasonal Things

Single Virtuous Woman,

Just like certain flowers, trees, vegetables and fruits are seasonal so are some relationships, jobs and people in your life. God knew what you needed and who or what needed you at the time of need, but it seems when the season is up you try and force a forever season from a temporary one. Why do you think you feel uneasy? Why do you think you’re not progressing? Why do you think you feel empty at times?

It’s because GOD has prepared a new thing for you and you’re so busy trying to hold on to the old that your Spirit is transitional limbo.