The Deterioration of Family

Random today, but often contemplated thoughts:
There are people and families that sweep people, problems and family situations under the rug, and also allow misunderstandings to stand. These family and relationship structures literally get swept out to sea with each passing matriarch. Communication, no matter how hard, is necessary to rebuild crumbling family structures, friendships and communities.

Look at your own family. Is there the consistent deterioration of relationships from generation to generation like most? Family holidays no longer are multi-family celebrations, but immediate family celebrations. It may feel good and comfortable today, but one day our children, grandchildren and our great grandchildren will be all alone.

Share family tragedies as well as triumphs together before those who can tell the stories are long gone. Tragedies, testimonies and triumphs all are stages to build up others, even if to say “this is what you should NOT do”.
Teachers are not just defined as those in the schoolhouse, and learning is not just math, science and reading. Examples of teaching can be one speaking to their family members of their bankruptcy, molestation, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicidal thoughts, homosexual tendencies, physical abuse, racism, abortion, miscarriages, eating disorders, failed businesses; you get my drift.

Some of our youth may be smart and successful, but at the same time lost because vital family experiences that can teach them what not to do, are never shared.

What is family for, if they are not our first teachers? We walk around calling all these people family that we know nothing about. Why, because everyone, including ourselves, are hiding behind a veil of perfection; afraid to bare souls to save souls. Truth of the matter is…folk talk about you anyway. Whether you’re doing good, bad, used to do bad or whatever. Help your folks and tell the story. Don’t be selfish with life saving information. Let’s save our future generations and build our family and community back up.
We all are teachers and have something valuable to share. Don’t be afraid to help someone. Especially your own family.

They say ministry starts at home.
Be Blessed.

~2014© Bridgette Hicks


Good and GOD

Single Woman,
Always understand that there is a huge difference in being a good person and GOD’S person. While one garners the smiles and camaraderie of man; the other will ensure favor with GOD which causes favor with the “right” man and possible shunning or hatred from the other man. All because you take a stand.

Don’t just choose to be good. Choose GOD. Don’t choose to be liked by everyone, seek to be loved by the right ones. Remember, not even JESUS was loved by all.

2014© Bridgette Hicks >