Someone needs to hear this: You can never get what GOD has placed before you if you’re constantly turning around looking for what HE’S placed behind you. Why are you waiting for what’s in your past to catch up to your present? You literally have to stand still for that to happen. As you stand still your future promises become further and further away from, when you should actually be pressing towards it. Stop seeking the former things. Keep it moving. Everything that is destined to be yours will attract to you as you move in sync with GODS PLAN for your life. The moral of the story is; Forget the former things, behold GOD IS doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it? HE IS making streams in the dessert and pathways in the wilderness (Isaiah 43:19). Follow HIS leading, looking forward to all new things in FAITH knowing that GOD IS ordering your steps as you keep your eyes, your mind and your feet stayed on HIM and HIS Path.

2014© Bridgette Hicks


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