Single Woman,
As a woman we have certain intrinsic qualities. One of those qualities is that of a nurturer. That quality is used to love, care for, protect and mold those we love. The molding characteristic in my opinion is specifically for the upbringing of our young. Many of us however use this molding to attempt to shape grown men we’re in relationship with. Please understand that you can’t change a man. No matter how beautiful, kind and nurturing you are, that molding will never work. Save the shaping of minds for the young and let GOD shape the man. That’s the only way he will be the man you want him to be….Your Man, Your Husband. That’s the only way he can be what you need him to be…A MAN of GOD. Be equally yoked, but let GOD do the yoking.
© 2014 Bridgette Hicks


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