In the New Year I charge us all with; Running our own race, Valuing another’s life as we would value our own, Pursuing our dreams, Raising our children to respect others and value difference while respecting and valuing themselves, being examples to youth by respecting others as well as ourselves, doing what we can to breathe life into another’s dream, constantly sowing seeds of hope and encouragement to all you come into contact with, loving, living, forgiving, Praying, Praising, Doing what it takes to be healthy, knowing when you’re wealthy, seeking GOD’s wisdom to make you wise, shunning evil, seeking to do good, all while knowing you’ll sometimes be misunderstood. #LOVE #GOD

Disclaimer: this charge is only for those whose spirit this message meets. Everything isn’t for everybody and this may not be for you.

Bridgette Hicks


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