Humility is a constant reminder that we are not perfect. I always ask GOD to show ME me so that I can humble myself. Meaning, show me my faults in private so that I can fix it. I’m very thankful that HE obliges me in this. There are times, however, when GOD places my weakness or fault on front street. In those times, HE knows I’ll move even more swiftly to correct.
I’m thankful, even in those moments, because those are the telltale signs of true relationship. There are some who may know surface things about you, but a person with whom you have right, real, true relationship knows what makes you tick as well as what you need to fix. The best thing about those persons is they are willing to stand by you and help you fix your issues, with no judgment.  

No one can do these things like GOD. Our  humility brings us closer to HIM as well as a more effective ambassador for HIM. The willingness of GOD to work in our lives is confirmation of HIS investment in us. Our spiritual maturity brings great short and long term returns. I Thank YOU GOD for Divine protection, provision, peace, correction, direction, overflow, love, joy, your presence, your essence and your willingness to have a relationship with me. Continue to mold me, shape me, and make me into whom you would have me to be.
I’m available to you. In JESUS name. AMEN.  


 ©2015 Bridgette Hicks


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