100 Fold return for all the GOOD, GODLY seeds you’ve sown: 

Love, Encouragement, Wisdom, Knowledge, Time, Money, Affection, Prayers, Declarations, Faith, Peace, Hope, Revelation, Joy, Listening Ear, Excitement and Ideas.

 Think on all these wonderful seeds you’ve planted and of the ground you’ve sown them in to. Think on those seeds that were not only given but those that were taken from you, knowing it’s your time to reap the harvest of those too. 

Don’t faint, be wide awake, in anticipation of the Harvest. Patience is a virtue, and Faith in the inner workings of GOD…is Fail-Proof. 

#100fold #itsyourtime #dogoodreapgood #sownseedsmeetneeds #dontbelievemejustwatch


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