Discipline is necessary. Disciplining oneself gives insight into what you want out of life.  Discipline shows GOD how bad you want HIS will for your life over your own. Discipline is putting your flesh under subjection. 

The world may deem discipline negatively because its conditioned to have an “I want it right now” mentally. Many only have to think back on some of  those “gotta have it ” moments only to agree that many of those moments you wished you would’ve thought twice to avoid the drama that ensued. 

Being disciplined may seem like a bore but it’s better than sitting back crying over foolish mistakes. Never fear though, even those who shun discipline eventually have their fill of the major pains, heartaches and repercussions that result. That is when most intelligent people decide to turn over a new leaf. 

Sometimes denying yourself is the best gift to you. When you recognize that Discipline no longer is your enemy, it then becomes your new best friend. 

©2015 Bridgette Hicks



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