Un-Abuse of Power 

We all have power. Many of us, through life experiences and wisdom, know the type of power that we possess. Most of us know that we can have the advantage or advantages when using the power we possess. Sometimes our use of power can be for selfish gain. This is our ego asserting itself. The mark of maturity is when we become ok with being humble. With wisdom we recognize the need to fallback from using those powers because we know this is not the way GOD would want to handle a particular situation. Without HIS stamp of approval the outcome won’t yield the best or even the truly desired results. In those moments we’re willing to risk ridicule and criticism to be within HIS Will. All the time in the back of our minds thinking…”You must not know bout me”. In our heart and spirit knowing if we seek HIM first we shall have whatsoever we desire in the right timing. 

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@2015 Bridgette Hicks


What’s Arrived…What’s Yet to Come 

This is the last day of my last quarter of school for 2015. January can take its time…my mind will enjoy the rest. 
I think back on my graduation this year and my heart leaps. Those whom know me know that I’ve wanted and worked towards that moment and the next for a long time. Before I became pregnant as a teen a college degree was already my dream. A delay is not a denial in my world…Thank GOD. If I were born at the time I would’ve been Langston Hughes’s muse, when he spoke of a Dream Deferred.
Thank You GOD for making dreams come true. I also thank you for the revelation of things that are yet to come. I’ve learned not to despise small beginnings. I’ve learned that what I see, hear and go through don’t change my destiny…if I believe in it. I’ve learned to be Grateful. I’ve learned to share my Grateful Heart, Faith, Love, Joy and Hope with others. I’ve also learned that even though it may seem to some that I walk alone, in real life I’m never alone. YOU always walk alongside me. What it looks like in the natural is temporary as I am fully Persuaded.

Friend, this is my DUE Season….and I pray it’s your Due Season too. Let’s Praise HIM for what’s to come even before it arrives. And Thank HIM for what HE’s already done. GOD, THANK YOU❤️

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

©2015 Bridgette Hicks

The Deep End

A Fish out of Water…who is sick of trying to learn to swim. I think I’ll continue to learn to breath in the safety of the shore. I will learn to stay put even though those close to me are diving in. Although it’s hard there is a blessing in standing above ground when the culture is going underwater.
©2015 Bridgette Hicks