This is the last day of my last quarter of school for 2015. January can take its time…my mind will enjoy the rest. 
I think back on my graduation this year and my heart leaps. Those whom know me know that I’ve wanted and worked towards that moment and the next for a long time. Before I became pregnant as a teen a college degree was already my dream. A delay is not a denial in my world…Thank GOD. If I were born at the time I would’ve been Langston Hughes’s muse, when he spoke of a Dream Deferred.
Thank You GOD for making dreams come true. I also thank you for the revelation of things that are yet to come. I’ve learned not to despise small beginnings. I’ve learned that what I see, hear and go through don’t change my destiny…if I believe in it. I’ve learned to be Grateful. I’ve learned to share my Grateful Heart, Faith, Love, Joy and Hope with others. I’ve also learned that even though it may seem to some that I walk alone, in real life I’m never alone. YOU always walk alongside me. What it looks like in the natural is temporary as I am fully Persuaded.

Friend, this is my DUE Season….and I pray it’s your Due Season too. Let’s Praise HIM for what’s to come even before it arrives. And Thank HIM for what HE’s already done. GOD, THANK YOU❤️

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

©2015 Bridgette Hicks


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