We all have power. Many of us, through life experiences and wisdom, know the type of power that we possess. Most of us know that we can have the advantage or advantages when using the power we possess. Sometimes our use of power can be for selfish gain. This is our ego asserting itself. The mark of maturity is when we become ok with being humble. With wisdom we recognize the need to fallback from using those powers because we know this is not the way GOD would want to handle a particular situation. Without HIS stamp of approval the outcome won’t yield the best or even the truly desired results. In those moments we’re willing to risk ridicule and criticism to be within HIS Will. All the time in the back of our minds thinking…”You must not know bout me”. In our heart and spirit knowing if we seek HIM first we shall have whatsoever we desire in the right timing. 

#Humility #Ego #GOD #RighteousMind #CleanHeart #AintNoPunk #KnowBetterDoBetter #ItsNotEasyBeingUnGreasy #ButGOD

@2015 Bridgette Hicks


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