A single, whole, worthy, woman and future wife is definitely better off being busy versus idle in this life’s season of waiting. Stay on the move, stay in the word, stay growing, stay learning, stay positive, stay smiling, stay loving, stay giving, stay living, stay seeking to live your best life, stay seeking to be your authentic self, stay gleaning, stay leaning on GOD. 
Stay seeking to do right, be right and live right, depending on GOD to fill any natural void. Then GOD, in His perfect timing will naturally send the one whom He’s prepared for you. The one who desires to Love you, care for you and be there for you….exactly what you need. 

 Don’t try to do it on your own. Be still and know (Psalms 46:10). While seeking HIM first (Matthew 6:33) and keeping a “un-idle”, good, GODLY occupied mind. (Philippians 4:8)

It’s on the way. Stay Faith filled.

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

Bridgette Hicks

©2016 Bridgette Hicks 


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