Off The Battlefield

Showed up today for an oil change ripe and ready to give Priority Toyota a piece of my mind about this recall. My car has been burning oil super fast since I purchased the car. Within like 1500 miles of having an oil change there would completely be zero oil in the car. I mentioned it to Toyota years ago and they always have provided me free oil changes, they would not change my oil for free prior to every 5k miles. This meant that for 8 plus years I’ve been keeping oil in my car, watching the levels, putting it in myself and getting interim oil changes elsewhere. Low and behold, 8 plus years later, it’s a known issue and they are replacing the defective part/parts that are responsible. But get this, my car due to mileage is not eligible. This the reason for my angst. 
Well today as I spoke with the service gentleman, the first face of my experience, I was already looking for the GM. Looking for my fight. As he spoke the salesperson made calm rationale. He let me know this dealership would basically be the earpiece. They will hear my grievances but don’t have the ability to act on it without Toyota’s ok. He advised that if Toyota had given them the word they would’ve fixed it immediately. He advised that it would save me time if I go straight to the source. He was not smug, unbothered, nor rude. Immediately my disposition changed. Not because he was kind of cute, ( you know with me there is always humor in almost everything), but because he was all the way right. 
My point is that I’m usually gung-ho, ready to fight or help someone else fight the good fight. And for me, this is a good fight, but now I find that I want the RIGHT fight.
This has been a different season for me. I was thinking at a time that I had lost my confidence, had lost my fight, but I was wrong. The revelation is that I have lost desire to fight for the things that GOD has already given me victory over. I receive the revelation that I will not fight over things that don’t belong to me, situations where I’m tolerated and not celebrated, places where no matter how much clarity I try to bring there is still confusion, places where I love but don’t feel loved. I’m working too hard to do GOD’S job. It has thus been decided for me to let GOD do the work and give my exercises in futility a rest. It’s my season to give fighting a rest. GOD said what I have for you…will now fight….for you. Rest easy…your rest is here. Rest in the fact that even though this issue makes you feel slighted by man it shows you were protected by ME. Your car may not be perfect by the manufacturer standards, but it’s always been perfect for you. Just like your walk with me. You were never perfect by mans standards. Man could take or leave you , watch you breakdown & leave you stranded. But I never have…and I Never will. Go in peace. 

This is not the first fight I’ve taken a step back from in this season. This is just the most recent. But taking a step back has definitely been humbling. From humility comes peace. I now sleep peacefully, with my humility. I now sleep peacefully with my joy. I now sleep peacefully in my bed fit for this queen. And because I sleep in peace, each time I Arise, I’m determined to Shine and give praises to THE KING. 

-Off The Battlefield 

©2016 Bridgette Hicks


Bad Season, Good GOD

Right now on the radio they’re asking what was the worst season of your life and how did you make it through. Well I know we all have an answer for that. Actually, most of us have had more than one of those seasons. 
People called in on the radio speaking of seasons of addiction, broken hearts, etc. Just plain old hard times. But the moral of this story, and theirs is this. They…We….with GOD, made it through. 
So if this is your season of hardship, just know. GOD CAN bring you to the other side this time…just like HE did last time. 


Bad Season, Good GOD

©2016 Bridgette Hicks