A Soul You Can See

Some people you can look at and discern that behind the smile and kind words a devil lies. Some people you can look at and know that they try hard to be devilish but it’s a facade. Then there are those people you look at and know they’re genuinely good and you can see their heart. Even if it’s buried under some stuff. ❤️The latter are those with whom our own heart desires to connect. 

Clean Hands and a Pure Heart..~Psalm24:4

©2016 Bridgette Hicks


Majoring In minor Things

Everybody thinks you should learn to play the game. I say “play it by yourself “. Who has time? Focus on the things that will matter when the game is played out and or when you get played or play yourself. And if the game is what matters most, beware of the sore losers or even worse going spiritually bankrupt. People are so corrupt. GOD much?!

 ©2016 Bridgette Hicks

~Majoring In minor Things

Pride Before The Fall

Many are proud of ourselves for being devilish. We take pride in being cunning, sinister, manipulative, revengeful and a trickster. We boast about being bad because being good has gotten us used, abused and hurt our feelings. We laugh at truthful people, whisper about honest people, Create drama about people who are drama free and find fault in people who are good to us. 
This is everyday real life. Good is the new bad, bad is the new good. People that treat others well are most mistreated and misunderstood. 
Everyone takes pride in being a devil. Beating your fists on your chest. Until, it’s time to go to hell. 
©2016 Bridgette Hicks

*Side note: The devil is a pimp. Don’t be his hoe.~Unknown