Today’s Prayer

FATHER in Heaven,  You are awesome, all seeing, all knowing, wonderful and wise. Thank you for waking my family, my friends and I up this morning. 
I ask that YOU Bless the lives of those I know and love today. Infuse your Holy Spirit into ours. Give us a heart full of Love, Compassion, Joy, Faithfulness, Forgiveness and Peace. 

Give us everything we need today and overflow so that we may sow into the lives of others who may desperately need it. Keep us and our love ones safe from hurt, harm or danger. 

Bless our minds so that we think good, GOD thoughts. Give us clarity, discernment and the revelation which teaches us to speak, think and act accordingly. 

Place us not in the path of discouragement and keep us from being a discourager. Bless us to be encouraged and to be an encourager. 

Allow your word to reside in our hearts so it can guide us through this day. 

We thank YOU, we bless YOU and we praise YOU. In JESUS Name AMEN! 

Your daughter, 

Bridgette Hicks


Pigpen Ministry 

Sometimes you don’t recognize the pigpen until you clean yourself up. That’s when you’ll truly be able to stop casting your pearls before swine. 
©2016 Bridgette Hicks