Effective Blessing

Always remember that those who bless you are far more important and effective than those who curse you. Some of us focus more on the haters, what we don’t have, and what people don’t do than the blessings of those around us that love us and seek to do good by us. Receive GODS Goodness in the form of a person, forget about the rest and pay the goodness forward. *The seed you sow is the seed that grows. Cultivate a GODLY garden. ~BHicks

*Blessed to be a blessing by the best

~Bridgette Hicks


A Prayer For Today

Heavenly Father, change the heart of every person who believes that hate, marginalization, violence, stereotypes, bullying, gossip, slander and the like are a way of life. Teach all who through learned behavior, An ill experience, or ignorance… to Honor Difference. Individuals must change for the better separately so that change can be effected collectively. 

 Show those who take on these negative behaviors mentioned that they can’t possibly have true relationship with you. They can’t possibly truly know you. They can’t truly know you and not feel conviction in their heart for treating, or allowing others in their presence to treat or to speak of others disparagingly.

 Since the beginning of time Man has always found a sense of pride and superiority in having someone or a group of persons they seemingly felt better than. It’s past time that we be better than….this. 

Hate, no matter how subtle, will never “make America great”. GOD you can make America “greater” if we would allow you to lead the way. Help us!

In JESUS Name we Pray,

Bridgette Hicks 

Backwards Connections

It’s uncanny how easily people connect to you in your weakness but disconnect from you in your strength. Backwards World. Most would rather find comfort in their lesser man being unchallenged in the presence of those whom share their weakness. Few desire that their greater man be challenged by those that speak to their strength helping to exterminate their weakness. 

This is fear. Why fear being better?

If you envision your tomorrow the same way you see your today, you may as well die now. 

Step out of your comfort zone.

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❤️

~Bridgette Hicks