Study the Spirit

Christianity needs on overall overhaul because I’m telling you this one thing and of this I am sure: Over half of those who claim to be repping JESUS man….smiles hiding fangs. I have never seen so much hate of late by pages with many followers, the representation hiding their faces, selling JESUS merchandise while posting hate filled rhetoric. Shame shame shame. And please don’t think that there is a need for you to please me. I am not the judge. But this is a word to those who follow. Watch who you’re following. False doctrine getting down in your veins. No wonder you’re walking around thinking you’re saying and doing the right things. Study to show thy own self approved, otherwise when your number is called you will be left holding the bag of tricks the magician you paid to see convinced you was a bag of GODLY seed. But the truth of the matter is deep in your heart you know it was wrong. You’ve just become used to hearing others sing the same old songs. My spirit weeps for you.


©2016 Bridgette Hicks