I’m posting this to my blog today but I actually wrote this around this time in 2012.

Guten Morgen Menschen Von GOTT…

This is a little something I wrote this morning…I hope it meets you where you are, but propels you towards your destiny….
Release and Receive

Release me LORD. I don’t want to talk or think about what was anymore. I see my future glistening in the reflection of the wave as it billows toward the seashore. It’s beckoning me to walk on water once more. The fear is gone. JESUS fully release me from what was, so that I may take steps of faith with no shackles on. Towards you with your outstretched arms, towards my effulgent future of which I’ve now stood in the same room with, but never formerly met. 

Hello my name is….Destiny. You’ve met many…but you’ll spend eternity with me. I’ll be your lasting legacy.

~Bridgette Hicks~ 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle! 



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