Peaceful Slumber 


Sneaky Grief

Grief…you are sneaky. I thought that time would push you away. I thought that trying to forget would make one not remember. I thought that smiling would make one never feel sad. I thought that business as usual would keep you from being all up in my business. The truth of the matter is that grief, when it is yours to bear, comes in forms unconventional to what most imagine. We imagine uncontrollable weeping, frantic minds, constant sharing of memories of those who’ve left us behind with those still here. Now those symptoms are accurate but those symptoms pass away. 

The new, not always visible symptoms that form can be impatience, misplaced anger, lack of focus, over exerting oneself in meaningless tasks, forgetfulness, weariness when alone, withdrawal, and introversion. 

The invisible symptoms are only visible to the symptomatic themselves. However, I might add, only visible to the person who has slowed down enough for introspection. 

Grief you’re a sneaky bastard that comes to steal joy, kill happiness and destroy the knowledge that a loved ones in their heavenly home. You’re one that can cause damage if left to roam to long. Grief, I declare and decree that in me and my loved ones, you no longer have a home. Poof be gone….đź’¨

~Bridgette Hicks

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~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

People on the outside may jest about your small beginnings. They may whisper about your place in the hood, your beat up car, you having less education, your missed opportunities, your failures. Lets recognize that these things are a part of life. Its all part and parcel to having your dreams come true. Step by step and even your missteps are all apart of GODS plan to prepare you. Prepare you for your place in the upscale neighborhood, the car of your dreams, your graduation, your open doors and your successes. Please don’t focus on the things or activities mentioned. They were used to make a point. Focus on the fact that your small beginnings, your story, your past, are all for HIS Glory. ~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

Copyright ©2017 Bridgette Hicks             All rights reserved 

Mediocre People Meant for Excellence 


1: Many have become comfortable with their standard of living so they feel they need GOD less.

2: Many now blame others for their own lack of progress.

3. Many will join a bandwagon no matter where it’s going just to say they’re riding. And they’d rather ride or die. 

4. People talk of individuality but don’t really want to stand out 

5: People choose people over GOD because they believe that people can save them. Until they realize people can’t.

6: People would rather believe a lie because their friends do versus separate themselves to seek out the truth

7: People who don’t have Faith rely on land, homes, spouses, pets, notoriety and bank accounts for a sense of self worth

8: Women have the power to influence the hearts of men but many value companionship over values. So few are the women that speak to the King in a man but many are the women who award the court jester in a man with their prized affection 

9: People have become so hyped on their own intelligence that they dismiss Faith in GOD as willful ignorance. 

10: The new intelligence says that church (assembling with other believers) is for the weak. Until they themselves are weakened

11: Many people consider a prayerful person who’s life isn’t about the turn up, a bore. Until they need someone to pray for them. 

12: Many people stay away from those who tell the truth because the truth is, they’ve become more comfortable with lies and mediocrity 

13: People prefer to spend time with people that meet them in their weakness versus someone who will speak to their strength

14: Every atheist wonders what if GOD is real

15: Every believer wonders why a non believer seems to be mad at them

16: People take “come as you are” real serious when it comes to going to church but will get fresh to death to go out and have a good time

17: The phrase “GOD knows my heart” is code for “don’t try to coerce me to go to church 

18: The phrase, “the church is full of hypocrites” is code for, “I don’t want to go to church because imperfect people like me are there. And reality is I just don’t want to go. Point blank period”.

19: The women who have settled for less than what they need and want in a mate still may not be proposed to by the man, so in essence,  they have settled for less than less, which is nothing

20: Many times people don’t reach for the stars because they don’t have a champion around to spur them on 

21: Some people can’t be a champion for others because they don’t believe in themselves 

22: People believe that having wealth trumps having character. Until the lack of character impacts them or their wealth 

23: People that have good character are those who turned over a new leaf after having poor character didn’t work out so well for them

24: Perfection, is manufactured by LancĂ´me, a great hairstylist and whichever designer fits you best. (women will get this). Otherwise there is no such thing

25: Women you’re worth the wait. 

26: I’m convinced running late is a condition. Big Pharma do you have medicine for that? Now wait, in the fine print make sure it doesn’t cause suicidal thoughts, diarrhea, kidney failure, internal bleeding or something that will cause someone not to show up at all 

27: People need to stick together, because we’re starting to fall apart.

28: Don’t hate because someone buys organic, they don’t hate because someone likes GMO’s, pesticides, hormones, high fructose corn syrup or sweeteners that cause slow brain leaks

29: How long will it take people who are all shapes, sizes and colors, to recognize that people come in all shapes, sizes and colors? How long will it take those same people to recognize that none of us were made to be the same but should be loved just the same. 

30: If you hate others at least try not to impart it on your children. The world is diverse and they will need to know how to maneuver in it when you’re in your grave

GOD is Good all the time and all the time HE’S good, but I’m sure HE’S about sick of our foolishness. 

~Mediocre People Meant for Excellence 

Copyright © 2017 by Bridgette Hicks 

A Prodigal People

Most of us, if honest, were once lost. Some of us still are. But honey let me tell you something. There is no truly good gain in giving goods and services away without a ring (Marriage). Now technically, there are lessons that you learn and beautiful children that result…let’s be clear. But, those same lessons were almost always preceded by a measure of pain and regret. 

Those awesome children sometimes miss out on seeing a fruitful relationship between a husband and wife. This possibly can create a one sided view of relationships. Children then possibly have to deal with seeing you go through different relationships with different personalities, their temporary attachments to temporary people, seeing you hurt, seeing you hurt someone, or someone hurting them. Can you imagine. Well maybe you can because life many times is a cycle.  What one does is possibly what they saw until someone in the cycle decided to change what they showed. 

I know that players play…and some, both men and women, take pride in that. However, at some point, the lost…have to FIND their way home. Home to GODS good and perfect will…of not giving themselves away but allowing HIM to present you to the one HE chose for you. It’s not just for you, but the cycle…watching you. 

Now I’m not an expert, but I have learned a few things… since I came back home. 

 *A Prodigal People*

Ich Liebe Dich Alle,

~Bridgette Hicks 2017