Why Treatment 

I’m watching one of my guilty pleasures “RHOA”. In the finale it comes out that an ex-friend told another friend that one of their ex-friends said something disparaging about the other. The person told trusted the teller, so they accepted this as accusation as the gospel truth. This back door conversation was found out to be a lie when brought out into the open.
This gave me a revelation. Do you ever wonder why some persons treat you differently or even disparagingly? People that you have never had a negative encounter with, or at least since you’ve become a halfway responsible adult, somehow just don’t quite receive you. You smile, extend yourself, say hello, laugh and mind your business, but get no love, shade or fake love. You seem to have a lingering question in your mind on if you’ve unknowingly done something to offended them. Let’s be clear, some times there can be validity in a persons negative feelings toward another. Could be that the person is just a mean, nasty, vile guttersnipe, (another TV adjective I heard that you may know) which basically means they’re a bad person, albeit redeemable (because that’s what GOD does). Other times you’re just not meant to jive with someone, for your good or theirs, wrong timing or whatever. Of all the things it could be, one thing is for sure, it’s not your problem. 
The problem is this, there is someone in your vicinity that is secretly jealous of you. There is someone in your vicinity that you’re innocently sharing with that is sharing what you shared with others. There is someone in your vicinity that is not only sharing your innocent, no shade dialogue, but they are adding shade to it. There is some one in your vicinity that does not want others to think well of you, and it’s working. Be advised that not one that the shade is being shared with may ever directly ask you for your truth, but they will treat you like you’re less than, over a lie. 

One thing is for certain, just like in the show I watch the truth always reveals itself. Like the old adage says, “what’s done in the dark always comes to the light”. 

There is absolutely nothing you can do with those that don’t know you, but think less of you. Continue to hold on to your joy knowing this:   No weapon formed against you will ever prosper, and every tongue that rises up against you will be condemned. Just like your own imperfections and sin once caused you to stumble and be humbled, those that come against you suffer the same. 

When GOD made you new, the devils that you dealt with became new too. Don’t be stressed for people to love you. Don’t be stressed for people to like you. Don’t be stressed for people to think well of or speak well of you. Hold on to your Joy, forever be the light, seek to do well by others, Love and try to do right. GOD Will always place the right and righteous people in your path that will mirror your authentic love. Those that don’t love you have no significant place in your destiny. 

Always remember that GOD creates pathways in the wilderness and streams in dry places. You never have to search for nor be thirsty for acceptance or relationship when you have access to the well that never runs dry. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~ Bridgette

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