Celebrate Your Celebrators  

Everyone needs that someone in their life that spurs them on to greater works. The person that says: You can earn that degree, you can open that business, you can write that book, you can be that doctor, you can be that lawyer, you are a star! 

Having a Champion in your corner is not about having someone around to boost your ego, but someone that boosts your GOD confidence to pursue your GOD given talents and abilities. 

We all need champions, even when we don’t recognize we need them, nor immediately realize the value they bring to our lives. 

GOD Bless those who genuinely encourage, celebrate and congratulate. You are very necessary 

Ich Liebe Dich ❤️



Good Night 

When you have been good to people GOD will give you peace when relationships are put to rest. Rest, meaning a short nap, a long slumber or final rest. Always be good to people so that whenever there is a rest….There is Peace. Rest In Peace. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle Menschen von GOTT❤️

~Bridgette Hicks

Not For Every One, Just The One

I saw this photo from Shawn McKenzie and loved it. I wrote some encouraging words below it for women like this. I  pray it blesses you. The revelation blessed me.

If you are this, understand that every man is not looking for this. Make sure you’re ok with that fact and remember to not take a step back waiting for someone who doesn’t understand the value of this, to catch up. They just may not be in to you, or ready for you, or just not checking for you. That’s ok. If there is only one for you that means don’t gaze into the eyes of every man in the multitude wondering if he is the one. It may sound cliche but fix your eyes on GOD. If you deal in Faith you know HE will not make you ashamed, HE knows what you need, want and how to give it to you. HE is your Father. Your greatest champion who knows and calls you by name. Speak your name and who you are and what GOD has Himself said about you. It will help you to remember you’re worthy. As for me, my name is Bridgette. Though I had strayed I am called and chosen. I am waiting, I am patient, I am grateful and I Am LOVE. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017