I believe there is a man out there that loves me but is shrinking back for some reason. GOD is telling you to move but you think of every reason to stay still. You can’t claim what you’re afraid to obtain. Remember, he that “Findeth” a wife finds a good thing and earns favor with the LORD. Don’t settle for a right now when you can have a forever. Don’t settle for easy when with the appropriate courtship you can be in right relationship.

❤️ Ich Liebe Dich❤️

Your future wife



Discipline is an act that when viewed or spoke of gathers criticism, and/or disbelief. The criticism and disbelief come because in a world full of “I can do anything” many truly don’t believe “they Can Do Anything “(Phil 4:13). Discipline isn’t perfection, it’s protection. It’s a purposeful act that will produce, prevent, and also prepare.

What areas of your life are you disciplined in? What areas of your life do you desire to be more disciplined?

Consider what your acts of discipline will Produce in your life? Prevent in your life? Prepare you for? Whatever the answers are, believe it’s worth fighting for.


©2017 Bridgette Hicks

In understanding that everyone is an individual, “Distinct” from those of their own kind, it is then reasonable to understand that in ministry each distinct person has their own distinct character and calling. These distinctions govern how you do ministry. How your distinctions define you govern your message as well as whom your message reaches. No one, distinct, individual prays the same, thinks the same or moves the same. In Christian ministry we all serve and do the work of one GOD with the goal of bringing others to GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We were made to walk distinctly because there is someone(s) with a distinct need that we meet. Therefore individual, continue to walk your righteous walk, talk your talk and seek to please your HEAVENLY FATHER above, who in HIS divine nature created you like no other on purpose. You may not be called to a pulpit, nor to a divinity degree or formal ministry title, but when you walk with GOD seeking greater for all you come into contact with, we are all Ministers. GOD Bless your ministry. Walk worthy in it, understanding that we are all , like John 15:5 says “branches on the vine and apart from the vine we can do nothing, but remaining connected to the vine we can bear much fruit.”

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017

Off, Unchallenged Thinking 

How do you ever know your thinking or actions are off if no one ever tells you. Sometimes we think our learned and established behavior or thought patterns are wise and correct. Truth be told, we ALL need that someone who is unbiased and cares enough to challenge our possibly wrong thinking/behavior. Woe be it unto the man who is never challenged in that manner or never challenges those close to them. ~Iron Sharpens Iron~BHicks 

Not For Every One, Just The One

I saw this photo from Shawn McKenzie and loved it. I wrote some encouraging words below it for women like this. I  pray it blesses you. The revelation blessed me.

If you are this, understand that every man is not looking for this. Make sure you’re ok with that fact and remember to not take a step back waiting for someone who doesn’t understand the value of this, to catch up. They just may not be in to you, or ready for you, or just not checking for you. That’s ok. If there is only one for you that means don’t gaze into the eyes of every man in the multitude wondering if he is the one. It may sound cliche but fix your eyes on GOD. If you deal in Faith you know HE will not make you ashamed, HE knows what you need, want and how to give it to you. HE is your Father. Your greatest champion who knows and calls you by name. Speak your name and who you are and what GOD has Himself said about you. It will help you to remember you’re worthy. As for me, my name is Bridgette. Though I had strayed I am called and chosen. I am waiting, I am patient, I am grateful and I Am LOVE. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017

Fresh March Winds

Hello March, I’ve met you many times before but haven’t seen you for a while. This time there is a newness about you. A freshness, you seem open to new possibilities and new beginnings. I like the new you. Well March, allow me to re-introduce my self. My name is Bridgette. 

I’m pleased to meet the new and improved you.

Ich Liebe Dich ❤💋🌺


No Offense

Pray for those who find nothing offensive until they are offended. Walking around with blinders on their eyes until the blinds are forcibly opened by dust being thrown into them. 

Oh, the pain you will feel when it’s your turn to be hurt, simply because you refused to acknowledge another’s hurt. Ashes to ashes, Dirt to dirt. When one hurts we all should be hurt it’s that simple. 

Until my plight becomes your plight and versa the vice, we all fall down no matter how we play nice. Get your mind right. If you think I’m pointing the finger at you you’re probably right. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle!

Bridgette Hicks

Copyright ©2017 Bridgette Hicks All rights reserved 

A Prayer for My Daughter 

   Arise & Shine, (Isaiah 60) for your light has come daughter. GOD is blessing the work of your hands, the strength of your character, the seeds you have sown and the leaps and bounds that you have grown.   Let your light so shine so GOD may continually be glorified (Matthew 5:16). May you and your business prosper in wealth, good people around you, and good health even as your Soul prospers. (3 John 1:2). No weapons formed prosper though…A hedge of protection, GODS direction and Angels camped everywhere you are is what it is like in Isaiah 54:17. 

Go forth in peace, abundance and joy today always remembering the LORD’S plan in Jeremiah 29:11. 

In JESUS Name, AMEN 🙏🏾 

Love you dear,



Sneaky Grief

Grief…you are sneaky. I thought that time would push you away. I thought that trying to forget would make one not remember. I thought that smiling would make one never feel sad. I thought that business as usual would keep you from being all up in my business. The truth of the matter is that grief, when it is yours to bear, comes in forms unconventional to what most imagine. We imagine uncontrollable weeping, frantic minds, constant sharing of memories of those who’ve left us behind with those still here. Now those symptoms are accurate but those symptoms pass away. 

The new, not always visible symptoms that form can be impatience, misplaced anger, lack of focus, over exerting oneself in meaningless tasks, forgetfulness, weariness when alone, withdrawal, and introversion. 

The invisible symptoms are only visible to the symptomatic themselves. However, I might add, only visible to the person who has slowed down enough for introspection. 

Grief you’re a sneaky bastard that comes to steal joy, kill happiness and destroy the knowledge that a loved ones in their heavenly home. You’re one that can cause damage if left to roam to long. Grief, I declare and decree that in me and my loved ones, you no longer have a home. Poof be gone….💨

~Bridgette Hicks

Copyright ©2017 Bridgette Hicks             All Rights Reserved

~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

People on the outside may jest about your small beginnings. They may whisper about your place in the hood, your beat up car, you having less education, your missed opportunities, your failures. Lets recognize that these things are a part of life. Its all part and parcel to having your dreams come true. Step by step and even your missteps are all apart of GODS plan to prepare you. Prepare you for your place in the upscale neighborhood, the car of your dreams, your graduation, your open doors and your successes. Please don’t focus on the things or activities mentioned. They were used to make a point. Focus on the fact that your small beginnings, your story, your past, are all for HIS Glory. ~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

Copyright ©2017 Bridgette Hicks             All rights reserved