Old Town Alexandria

Do you ever feel like the hustle and bustle of this great thing called your life is overwhelming? Having to be here, there, everywhere…doing everything for everybody and not much for yourself? Well, at times I do. In these times are when I desperately need to reconnect with GOD and myself.

I finally made the decision to get away. Time away always centers me, allows me to get deeper revelation and creative inspiration. It’s been more than a year since I took time away to reconnect. I knew it would be well worth it.

Two weeks ago on Tuesday my mind was focused on making immediate plans to go away that same weekend. On Thursday the reservations were made for that Friday. I am a big impulse traveler:). Friday arrived and I felt an inner woosah just thinking about getting off of work and heading out to my destination.

My R & R destination? Old Town Alexandria, VA. Don’t know why…it just looked and sounded perfect.

I checked into Hotel Monaco on King Street (a Kimpton Hotel). A beautiful hotel in the heart of King Street. It’s decor had a Moroccan theme, consisting of bright, rich colors and beautiful mirrors. It was befitting for King Street and most definitely a Queen 😉


When researching my destination online I found and made reservations for dinner at Jackson 20, the restaurant adjoining Hotel Monaco. Chef Brian McPherson served up a very tasty meal. I ate outside with a nice view of wonderful King Street.


As King street is chock full of restaurants and shops it is also full of people on a Friday night. I took this opportunity to tour King Street at night. I found Jazz, Art, Food, eclectic shops and the beautiful water. I walked for at least an hour taking pictures and enjoying the night.


Woke up Saturday morning determined to see all there was to see. Headed down to the waterfront, but not before checking out the farmers market that was setup across the street from my hotel. The market had everything from fresh fruits and veggies to beautifully made candles and jewelry. Once I arrived at the waterfront I scheduled to take the Monument cruise to Georgetown and back. Before I sailed off I had lunch at Chart House restaurant.


Once on the cruise the captain and a pre-recorded narration pointed out and gave a description of almost every landmark passed. The water was very relaxing it was a great 40 minute cruise. The boat docked in Georgetown and the view was awesome! I decided not to go directly back to Old Town, but rather to take advantage of the hour between boats and walk around.


I tooled around Georgetown and found some new favorite places. My new favs were a Sprinkles Cupcake location (where I purchased two of their tasty mini cupcakes), the Four Seasons Hotel (of which I will be going to stay soon if I can get a good deal) and a Lowe’s Cineplex along with a few other places I hadn’t noticed were there the last time I visited.

After my hour of power walking in Georgetown was up, I got back on the boat to Alexandria. Once off the tour-boat I decided to tour the Torpedo Art Gallery. A beautiful building located steps away from the boat dock and Chart House Restaurant. Admission was free. Once inside the gallery consisted of many rooms that showcased different artists work. I Love Art! So it’s safe to say I loved this place. I stopped in and talked to some of the artists and was in awe of the work they were doing. This place was a highlight!


I decided to make my way back to the hotel and go for a swim. i had also made up my mind that afterward swimming I would enjoy my last night in the area by doing some more exploring. I also had my heart set on going to a restaurant called The Wharf. Each time I walked past this place I felt it would be the best restaurant of my trip. So of course that night o went to The Wharf. There was a wait outside, but I was seated immediately. Who’s complaining right! I was seated at a little table beside the window of which I had been eyeing. This window seat gave an eyeful of the bustling streets of Old Town Alexandria. So the view was great vand I was oh, so right about it being the best restaurant of my stay.


Of course when I arrived back at my hotel I was beat. I was thankful that I had arranged for a late checkout. 🙂

My weekend stay in Old Town Alexandria was awesome! And I shall be back!

Until the next adventure…..

~Bridgette Hicks~