You just received a Miracle. GOD sent you something you needed to confirm to you that HE takes care of everything that concerns you. Yes, there are things you still need, but I promise you this; Remain thankful and grateful, focusing on the gift HE has already placed in your right hand and you will lack no good thing in your left hand.

Don’t miss HIS movements.

Ich Liebe Dich ❤️



What’s going on with people?

We as people were doing so well (at least we thought so). LORD, please eradicate the hate. Touch lives and extend grace. Spread your agape love all over this place. Fill hearts, heal hearts and allow all of us to see who we are truly, on the inside. I believe some would truly be surprised to find. Find. that we can’t truly love the GOD we can’t see and hate our neighbors HE created. Hate them for no reason intelligently, except to say “they don’t look like me, they’re different than me, I was taught I was a superior being “. If GOD didn’t teach you, understand it’s a lie. A lie from the pit, and you know who runs the pit. Definitely not the HOLY SPIRIT. Please answer correctly when Jay Z asks “who ya wit?” Be honest and say you serve the “most low” because your thoughts please not heaven, but hell.

No matter how you disguise seeded hate with a “smise” a check of your internals show you’re being eaten up on the inside. Dying a slow death to hate because you conveniently forgot GOD told you to love. Not just those who are like, look like, or believe like you do. No, love ALL of HIS creation. C’mon get it together great nation. Reckoning is here. JESUS paid it all, yet there is sill a debt you must obey and pay. That’s a LOVE debt. Pull out your swipe and Get Right! Get your righteous life.

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~ Bridgette Hicks

©️2018 BHICKS

Today we honor those who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms. Freedoms which are sometimes taken for granted and freedoms which sometimes are attempted to be taken away.

Thank you for risking life and limb so that we may live and prayerfully be better in every way as a nation because of your sacrifice.

My prayer is that you can smile down on us as we move forward as a nation and not mourn for us because weve regressed. GOD Bless your lives and your service Veterans.

❤️ Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️


Friends are people that you can show your heart to. When friends see the parts of your heart that you reveal, a genuine friend wont abuse your heart for selfish gain. Your friends return the love that emanates from you. If for any reason they can’t return the love, they bow out gracefully to make room for those who can.


~B Hicks

Guten Morgen Menschen von GOTT!

Know that you are loved beyond measure. You were created by a perfect, loving GOD. You are perfect even in your imperfections. We make mistakes, but HE☝🏾does not. There is no mistaking, you are HIS masterpiece. Love yourself….Love others…Love GOD.

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️


Guten Morgen Menschen von GOTT!

Arise, Shine (Isaiah 60) and lets march into March with a spirit of LOVE, GRATITUDE, GOODNESS, PEACE, POWER, PATIENCE, SELF CONTROL, and JOY. Let us allow this spirit to carry us throughout the rest of our year. And be sure to do what Ephesians 6:11 says…..

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❣️


I remember when I used to think difference was bad. If only I had learned earlier to celebrate my difference and not try assimilate. My futile attempt at assimilation had put me In some unsavory situations. I am however, thankful for GODS grace and the pains of growing which eventually gave me a knowing who I am because of who’s I am. While I may wear a label occasionally, don’t label me. I am original in ways that the untrained eye is unable to see. I’m ok with GOD blinding the eyes of those who don’t appreciate me. The right one/ones will clearly see me with a 20/20 spirit as I shall do the same.

©2018 Bridgette Hicks

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

Foolishness gets more attention than 18 mass shootings in less than 30 something days of 2018. 🤔 I tell you that this is a result of a hate filled, indifferent and GOD suppressing culture. We push away what is good because it makes us face the bad on the inside. This then, only leaves room for the enemy to roam freely because our GOD conscience becomes weak. Get your GOD weight up. Build strong foundations…pray for our nation. It’s essential.



GOD says “hey…take note: I’m doing something new in your life. Are you paying attention? I’m making a path for you and giving you clarity on what I desire you to do, be, think and say. I’m making streams in dry places, you are never thirsty. Place no worth in mans perceptions. All that I’m saying is taking place present tense. Stand still and know. Never worry about what’s in your rear view. I’ve charted a course for you that is changing your heart, life, actions and mind for your good.”

Isaiah 43:19


#Observe the attempt to cause a slow decline of the righteous mind. ~B