Day 17:

I’m Grateful for GOD’S protection. Seen and Unseen.

#30daysofgratitude #DaysOfGratitude


Day 16:

Well I got a call from a great person that they were going to bless me with a Mariah ticket. Of course the show is cancelled now but I ask GOD to multiply their seed and bless them with the desires of their heart.

~Yes I get deep with it because there are few that will seek to bless you for nothing in return. Those type of people deserve every good and perfect thing. GOD Bless your life. I’m grateful



#30DaysOfGratitude #DayOfGratitude

Day 14:

I’m grateful for Prayer and the ability to know that it works…if you work it. Come through GOD!


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #Prayer #Faith

Day 13:

I was grateful for rest. So much so I fell asleep before I could share my gratitude. Thank GOD for the ability rest in HIM.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #Abide

Day 12:

I’m grateful for clean hands and pure hearts. ❤️


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #Psalm24:4

Day 11:

I’m grateful for GOD’S grace. I’m often reminded of my own imperfection. Not so that I may condemn myself, but that I may humble myself and know that I’ve been shown grace. The same grace that’s given is what I’m reminded to show in the face of others imperfection. GOD I’m grateful for your grace.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #FellAsleepTyping #WokeUpWithRevelation

Day 10:

I’m grateful for, all the men and women whom have served in the armed forces protecting our freedom. GOD Bless you all.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude

Day 9:

I’m grateful to GOD for answering prayers. There is nothing like praying in faith for something/someone, then to actually see it made manifest. You never doubted it would come to pass, but it’s something else to see it in living color. GO GOD. You’re Amazing! Ich Liebe Dich ❤️


#30DaysOfGratitide #DaysOfGratitude #GOGOD

I’m grateful for where GOD has placed me and how HE lets me know every placement is strategic. I’m thankful that HE allows me little glimpses into HIS masterplan for my life.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #GODSPlan

Day 7:

I am grateful to those who are a GODLY influence in my life. Your contribution to the Kingdom and to my life will be rewarded. Ich Liebe Dich ❤️


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #IronSharpensIron