True Friendship is not only measured by what a person says or does in your presence or the truth they tell when you’re present.

The true measure of a friendship happens when things are said about you when you’re not around.

Your true friend morphs into a paid attorney, putting up a strong defense for you when someone comes for you and you’re not there to defend yourself. They also hold your secrets in confidence like attorney/client privilege.


A True Friend ❣️

~Bridgette Hicks


Off, Unchallenged Thinking 

How do you ever know your thinking or actions are off if no one ever tells you. Sometimes we think our learned and established behavior or thought patterns are wise and correct. Truth be told, we ALL need that someone who is unbiased and cares enough to challenge our possibly wrong thinking/behavior. Woe be it unto the man who is never challenged in that manner or never challenges those close to them. ~Iron Sharpens Iron~BHicks 

Not For Every One, Just The One

I saw this photo from Shawn McKenzie and loved it. I wrote some encouraging words below it for women like this. I  pray it blesses you. The revelation blessed me.

If you are this, understand that every man is not looking for this. Make sure you’re ok with that fact and remember to not take a step back waiting for someone who doesn’t understand the value of this, to catch up. They just may not be in to you, or ready for you, or just not checking for you. That’s ok. If there is only one for you that means don’t gaze into the eyes of every man in the multitude wondering if he is the one. It may sound cliche but fix your eyes on GOD. If you deal in Faith you know HE will not make you ashamed, HE knows what you need, want and how to give it to you. HE is your Father. Your greatest champion who knows and calls you by name. Speak your name and who you are and what GOD has Himself said about you. It will help you to remember you’re worthy. As for me, my name is Bridgette. Though I had strayed I am called and chosen. I am waiting, I am patient, I am grateful and I Am LOVE. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017

~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

People on the outside may jest about your small beginnings. They may whisper about your place in the hood, your beat up car, you having less education, your missed opportunities, your failures. Lets recognize that these things are a part of life. Its all part and parcel to having your dreams come true. Step by step and even your missteps are all apart of GODS plan to prepare you. Prepare you for your place in the upscale neighborhood, the car of your dreams, your graduation, your open doors and your successes. Please don’t focus on the things or activities mentioned. They were used to make a point. Focus on the fact that your small beginnings, your story, your past, are all for HIS Glory. ~Humility Outside the Window Looking In

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Pride Before The Fall

Many are proud of ourselves for being devilish. We take pride in being cunning, sinister, manipulative, revengeful and a trickster. We boast about being bad because being good has gotten us used, abused and hurt our feelings. We laugh at truthful people, whisper about honest people, Create drama about people who are drama free and find fault in people who are good to us. 
This is everyday real life. Good is the new bad, bad is the new good. People that treat others well are most mistreated and misunderstood. 
Everyone takes pride in being a devil. Beating your fists on your chest. Until, it’s time to go to hell. 
©2016 Bridgette Hicks

*Side note: The devil is a pimp. Don’t be his hoe.~Unknown 

Can I Get An Extension?!

Word: Extend Grace, Extend Patience, Extend Mercy, Extend Love, Extend Your Hand. Do this even when…especially when, you think someone else doesn’t need or deserve it. Why Bridgette?! Well I’m glad you asked. 

Because you never know…actually you do usually know that is very often extended to you. 

A perfect man/woman is unreal.

Give everything you want in return. 

Love for Love….forgiveness for forgiveness…appreciation for appreciation…encouragement for encouragement….

You get the point. 

As I always say…”The seed you sow is the seed that will grow. Cultivate a GODLY Garden” 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❤️😇

@2015 Bridgette Hicks

Good and GOD

Single Woman,
Always understand that there is a huge difference in being a good person and GOD’S person. While one garners the smiles and camaraderie of man; the other will ensure favor with GOD which causes favor with the “right” man and possible shunning or hatred from the other man. All because you take a stand.

Don’t just choose to be good. Choose GOD. Don’t choose to be liked by everyone, seek to be loved by the right ones. Remember, not even JESUS was loved by all.

2014© Bridgette Hicks >

The best of Intentions

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions and even the best of actions you are completely misunderstood. You’re thought to be the bad guy, when you’re really the good guy. Maybe the misunderstanding is to save you from a bad guy and save your for a good guy. Don’t ask why…Just Trust.
I just told you not to ask that, stop being hard-headed.

~Bridgette Hicks~😂😂😂