Friends are people that you can show your heart to. When friends see the parts of your heart that you reveal, a genuine friend wont abuse your heart for selfish gain. Your friends return the love that emanates from you. If for any reason they can’t return the love, they bow out gracefully to make room for those who can.


~B Hicks


I remember when I used to think difference was bad. If only I had learned earlier to celebrate my difference and not try assimilate. My futile attempt at assimilation had put me In some unsavory situations. I am however, thankful for GODS grace and the pains of growing which eventually gave me a knowing who I am because of who’s I am. While I may wear a label occasionally, don’t label me. I am original in ways that the untrained eye is unable to see. I’m ok with GOD blinding the eyes of those who don’t appreciate me. The right one/ones will clearly see me with a 20/20 spirit as I shall do the same.

©2018 Bridgette Hicks

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

Foolishness gets more attention than 18 mass shootings in less than 30 something days of 2018. 🤔 I tell you that this is a result of a hate filled, indifferent and GOD suppressing culture. We push away what is good because it makes us face the bad on the inside. This then, only leaves room for the enemy to roam freely because our GOD conscience becomes weak. Get your GOD weight up. Build strong foundations…pray for our nation. It’s essential.



#Observe the attempt to cause a slow decline of the righteous mind. ~B

Discipline is an act that when viewed or spoke of gathers criticism, and/or disbelief. The criticism and disbelief come because in a world full of “I can do anything” many truly don’t believe “they Can Do Anything “(Phil 4:13). Discipline isn’t perfection, it’s protection. It’s a purposeful act that will produce, prevent, and also prepare.

What areas of your life are you disciplined in? What areas of your life do you desire to be more disciplined?

Consider what your acts of discipline will Produce in your life? Prevent in your life? Prepare you for? Whatever the answers are, believe it’s worth fighting for.


©2017 Bridgette Hicks

In understanding that everyone is an individual, “Distinct” from those of their own kind, it is then reasonable to understand that in ministry each distinct person has their own distinct character and calling. These distinctions govern how you do ministry. How your distinctions define you govern your message as well as whom your message reaches. No one, distinct, individual prays the same, thinks the same or moves the same. In Christian ministry we all serve and do the work of one GOD with the goal of bringing others to GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We were made to walk distinctly because there is someone(s) with a distinct need that we meet. Therefore individual, continue to walk your righteous walk, talk your talk and seek to please your HEAVENLY FATHER above, who in HIS divine nature created you like no other on purpose. You may not be called to a pulpit, nor to a divinity degree or formal ministry title, but when you walk with GOD seeking greater for all you come into contact with, we are all Ministers. GOD Bless your ministry. Walk worthy in it, understanding that we are all , like John 15:5 says “branches on the vine and apart from the vine we can do nothing, but remaining connected to the vine we can bear much fruit.”

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017

Day 26:

On Day 26 I was grateful to have one of those tall dark stranger moments. I had one earlier in the year. It was the moment where I unknowingly sat beside a seemingly single good looking man and we laughed at the same things and tapped our fingers to the same music. Same scenario, different stranger, different place. This time it was at church. I believe its a sign. There are no coincidences.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #ISeeYouGOD

Day 25:

On Day 25 I was grateful for the ability to put a smile on the faces of those I love. I was also grateful for traveling mercies.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude

Day 24:

On day 24 I was grateful for the ability to fight. Not physically (I’m not a killer but don’t push me:), but the ability to verbally fight the good fight of faith for the ones I love. I also war in the spirit for you as well.

I’m also thankful for those whom are, or once were, a champion for me in that way as well.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude #Champion

Day 23:

On day 23 I was grateful for Oyster stuffing made just for me and family seen and unseen that I love and love me.


#30DaysOfGratitude #DaysOfGratitude