Off, Unchallenged Thinking 

How do you ever know your thinking or actions are off if no one ever tells you. Sometimes we think our learned and established behavior or thought patterns are wise and correct. Truth be told, we ALL need that someone who is unbiased and cares enough to challenge our possibly wrong thinking/behavior. Woe be it unto the man who is never challenged in that manner or never challenges those close to them. ~Iron Sharpens Iron~BHicks 


Not For Every One, Just The One

I saw this photo from Shawn McKenzie and loved it. I wrote some encouraging words below it for women like this. I  pray it blesses you. The revelation blessed me.

If you are this, understand that every man is not looking for this. Make sure you’re ok with that fact and remember to not take a step back waiting for someone who doesn’t understand the value of this, to catch up. They just may not be in to you, or ready for you, or just not checking for you. That’s ok. If there is only one for you that means don’t gaze into the eyes of every man in the multitude wondering if he is the one. It may sound cliche but fix your eyes on GOD. If you deal in Faith you know HE will not make you ashamed, HE knows what you need, want and how to give it to you. HE is your Father. Your greatest champion who knows and calls you by name. Speak your name and who you are and what GOD has Himself said about you. It will help you to remember you’re worthy. As for me, my name is Bridgette. Though I had strayed I am called and chosen. I am waiting, I am patient, I am grateful and I Am LOVE. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle ❤️

~Bridgette Hicks 2017

It’s Highly Likely 

If you’ve spent real time in my space it’s likely that you will smile or laugh when you think of me. It’s likely that something I’ve said or done has touched you in a truly impactful way like no one or nothing else has. Its likely I’ve pushed you to pursue your dreams and told you what potential I’ve seen in you. Its also likely that I’ve given you ideas on how to see that potential through. It’s likely you know if you call on me I will answer, and I will be there. It’s likely that you know I’m a forgiver. Its likely you know I’m a giver. It’s likely you know that when you’re hurt, I hurt too. It’s likely that you know your tears cause me to shed tears too. It’s likely that you know my true desire is that you be saved. It’s likely that you know I love you and that will never change. 

And if you don’t know these things, it’s highly likely that you don’t know me, or you only know of me, but for sure we don’t have true relationship and we have not spent enough time together. ~GOD

Ich Liebe Dich Alle❤️

©2015  Bridgette Hicks

Humble Me Quickly

Humility is a constant reminder that we are not perfect. I always ask GOD to show ME me so that I can humble myself. Meaning, show me my faults in private so that I can fix it. I’m very thankful that HE obliges me in this. There are times, however, when GOD places my weakness or fault on front street. In those times, HE knows I’ll move even more swiftly to correct.
I’m thankful, even in those moments, because those are the telltale signs of true relationship. There are some who may know surface things about you, but a person with whom you have right, real, true relationship knows what makes you tick as well as what you need to fix. The best thing about those persons is they are willing to stand by you and help you fix your issues, with no judgment.  

No one can do these things like GOD. Our  humility brings us closer to HIM as well as a more effective ambassador for HIM. The willingness of GOD to work in our lives is confirmation of HIS investment in us. Our spiritual maturity brings great short and long term returns. I Thank YOU GOD for Divine protection, provision, peace, correction, direction, overflow, love, joy, your presence, your essence and your willingness to have a relationship with me. Continue to mold me, shape me, and make me into whom you would have me to be.
I’m available to you. In JESUS name. AMEN.  


 ©2015 Bridgette Hicks

Let GOD Do It

Single Woman,
As a woman we have certain intrinsic qualities. One of those qualities is that of a nurturer. That quality is used to love, care for, protect and mold those we love. The molding characteristic in my opinion is specifically for the upbringing of our young. Many of us however use this molding to attempt to shape grown men we’re in relationship with. Please understand that you can’t change a man. No matter how beautiful, kind and nurturing you are, that molding will never work. Save the shaping of minds for the young and let GOD shape the man. That’s the only way he will be the man you want him to be….Your Man, Your Husband. That’s the only way he can be what you need him to be…A MAN of GOD. Be equally yoked, but let GOD do the yoking.
© 2014 Bridgette Hicks