True Friendship is not only measured by what a person says or does in your presence or the truth they tell when you’re present.

The true measure of a friendship happens when things are said about you when you’re not around.

Your true friend morphs into a paid attorney, putting up a strong defense for you when someone comes for you and you’re not there to defend yourself. They also hold your secrets in confidence like attorney/client privilege.


A True Friend ❣️

~Bridgette Hicks


I wonder could you be considered high minded if you center your focus on GOD above instead of the worlds foolishness? High minded was always a negative connotation, meaning that a person viewed themselves as better than another person. I say let’s change this.! How about if you believe in and have relationship with GOD (yes it’s a two fold requirement), consider yourself “High Minded”

I am High Minded enough to believe that no matter the woes and evils that seek to divide us, steal our Joy, and weaken our Faith, HE who sits high and looks low has already eradicated these negative weeds at the root. HE has vindicated us and made us victorious. HE will never make our Faith ashamed and HE will continue to call us by name.

Thank You Our Heavenly Father….

Love, your High Minded Kid,

Bridgette Hicks


No Offense

Pray for those who find nothing offensive until they are offended. Walking around with blinders on their eyes until the blinds are forcibly opened by dust being thrown into them. 

Oh, the pain you will feel when it’s your turn to be hurt, simply because you refused to acknowledge another’s hurt. Ashes to ashes, Dirt to dirt. When one hurts we all should be hurt it’s that simple. 

Until my plight becomes your plight and versa the vice, we all fall down no matter how we play nice. Get your mind right. If you think I’m pointing the finger at you you’re probably right. 

Ich Liebe Dich Alle!

Bridgette Hicks

Copyright ©2017 Bridgette Hicks All rights reserved 

A Prayer For Today

Heavenly Father, change the heart of every person who believes that hate, marginalization, violence, stereotypes, bullying, gossip, slander and the like are a way of life. Teach all who through learned behavior, An ill experience, or ignorance… to Honor Difference. Individuals must change for the better separately so that change can be effected collectively. 

 Show those who take on these negative behaviors mentioned that they can’t possibly have true relationship with you. They can’t possibly truly know you. They can’t truly know you and not feel conviction in their heart for treating, or allowing others in their presence to treat or to speak of others disparagingly.

 Since the beginning of time Man has always found a sense of pride and superiority in having someone or a group of persons they seemingly felt better than. It’s past time that we be better than….this. 

Hate, no matter how subtle, will never “make America great”. GOD you can make America “greater” if we would allow you to lead the way. Help us!

In JESUS Name we Pray,

Bridgette Hicks